BRUFACE Acoustics Exam August-September 2020

Students can contact me at any time:

  • by mail: or
  • by phone: +32 477 61 72 52
  1. The second session exam is divided in two parts:
    1. Part1: Dynamics, organized by Arnaud Deraemaeker
    2. Part 2: Acoustics, organized by Jean-Louis Migeot
    3. This page only covers the Acoustics part. The dynamics part is organized independently by Arnaud Deraemaeker.
  2. The exam will be organized using Teams.
  3. Students must contact me to make an appointment. The exam, as far as I am concerned, can occur at any time before August 28th, 2020. The exam lasts 20′ but time slots of 30′ will be booked to accomodate technical connection problems or delays.
  4. The acoustic exam proper will cover everything that is highlighted in yellow in the document that can be downloaded here: MECA-H-411-Acoustics-2020-2nd. Please note that:
    1. When the title of a section or subsection is highlighted, the entire section or subesection must be studied.
    2. When a caption is highlighted, the associated figure is implicitly highlighted as well !
  5. The exam will last about 12 minutres and will consist in a sequence of up to 10 questions. There will be no preparation time. Answers are expected to be given immediately.
  6. Each question will be noted according to the following marking grid:
      • 0.0 – totally inadequate;
      • 0.5 – most of the important elements of information were missing or misunderstood;
      • 1.0 – some important elements of information were not provided or some key concepts were misunderstood;
      • 1.5 – only minor elements were not provided or slightly misunderstood;
      • 2.0 – all expected elements of information were provided and understood
  7. The final mark for the oral examination will be calculated as follows: sum of the marks of the « n » questions, divided by « n », times 10.
  8. The project presentation discussion will last about 8 minutes. The student must either send me the presentation by mail at least 24 hours before the exam or display it online through Teams.

==== Mail of June 9, 2020 about the calculation of the final mark

Dear students,

Please find below some clarification for the second session of the examination for the course « Vibrations and Acoustics »

  1. For the students who passed the MCQ exam and were admitted to the oral examination and project presentation, they are allowed to keep their grade for the MCQ. The weight of the different evaluations remains the same but the oral examination is split in two parts, each worth 30% of the final grade :  MCQ 1st session : 20% / Project : 20 % / Oral Acoustics : 30% / Oral Vibrations : 30%
  1. For the students who were not admitted to the oral examination or who wish to redo the content of the MCQ, the weights are as follows: Project : 20 % / Oral Acoustics : 40% (of which 10% related to basics) / Oral Vibrations : 40% (of which 10% related to basics)

In each case, two different examination sessions will be organized, the first one related to acoustics and the presentation of the project, organized by Prof Migeot, and the second one related to vibrations organized by Prof Deraemaeker.

If you had more than 14/20 at the MCQ in the first session, you have to tell us on the day of the oral examination if you wish to keep your grade or not.

Specific instructions for each part of the oral examination will be sent at the end of the first session by each professor.

Should you have any question about this, do not hesitate to contact us.

8 réflexions au sujet de « BRUFACE Acoustics Exam August-September 2020 »

    1. I had a small doubt regarding the acoustics part.
      It is not mentioned anywhere about the case study in the acoustics part. So will we have to present them during the acoustics oral and can we expect questions related to the case studies for the acoustics part.

      Thank you.

  1. Respected Professor,
    The document is a little unclear.
    1. As I have successfully passed the MCQ’s, I have to prepare only for « Project presentation discussion » which is given in point Number 8. And not required to prepare or give oral as given in point number 4 to 7. Am I correct?
    2. Also by ‘project’, is it only related to « Actran project with 5 slides » and not the case studies? Am I correct?

    1. Every student must learn the highlighted material. There is no discussion of the five test cases in the acoustics part. The project is the ACTRAN project.

  2. Please note again that the exam can be scheduled AT ANY TIME, not only at the date announced by the school. I am available for exams mostly any day all through July and August.

  3. Dear Professor, please I wish to know if for the Acoustic oral exam, the students who passed the first session of MCQ should also read the highlighted sections in yellow ?

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